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Tranen door google

Tranen van het lachen kreeg ik dankzij google.
Krijg je bovenaan ook zo’n balk waarmee je Nederlandstalige internet sites kan vertalen naar het Engels? Moet je eens op klikken. Fun verzekerd.

Ik ben blijkbaar Tinker en Little Pudge en Big Pudge, tja, wie zouden dat toch zijn?

“With the date, time and location approached, took to the nerves. What I had met again on the neck?? Undertake to come to meeting a blog where I know nobody! If I had not promised to bring quiche, I would probably shock at the last minute to have invented an excuse not to go. But I could not possibly let anyone suffer hunger? Right? Who was there laughing so hard with me. I think we could all eat a small army to feed.”

“The host mother is the best Little Pudge. I need to see our daughter but when I go out of its sales, and ever more I’m convinced. Little Pudge is overjoyed when they can go to there. And if I go out, it quickly crawls away from me. If it can, even more because she sits on the lap of the mother welcome. Our fletsmie know her at around her finger to wind. Besides the “care” of the kids, ‘play’ it really with them. Ed they keep brushing her spare time. Dancing, singing, doing crazy, … it is much more important.”

“From my sewing machine a little control to get started, I promised myself that I birthday present for Little Pudge himself would make. For Big Pudge would I want to do, but I fear he will not be so happy. And finally it turns to the year itself. All small chance that Pudge is not so demanding. It was a rag doll. To the pattern of the black apple. Explain how you can make yourself you can now find.”

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